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BOBR units may be deployed on dual static lines or configured as intertidal tumblers. BOBR may be used manually on smaller farms or as a mechanized system for commercial operations.


Benefits Of Being Round

Maximized bag volume. Easier husbandry. Improved product quality. Increased farm productivity. Reduced shore trips. Improved farm life. Husbandry tasks of defoul, tumble, sort, harvest, sink, and refloat done with BOBR on the lines. BOBR is simple, effective, durable, and economical. It’s a total revolution!


The Work Platform

The BOBR work platform mechanizes the BOBR growth system and performs all husbandry tasks. No more flipping cages or removing bags. This machine eliminates heavy lifting and enables farm staff to quickly and easily defoul, sort, tumble, harvest, sink, and refloat all without removing cages from the lines. The BOBR work platform increases farm productivity while dramatically reducing the physical effort required by farm staff.

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Fast Assembly


Visual Profile


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